Survey results are in! Thanks to so many for participating! I thought you might want to know the outcome!


bestpeshawarbutcher AK goat Yep, it’s goats and AKs from Peshawar.


Thanks to all who participated! Percentages of the top six qualifiers are below:

One does not normally relish a cargo shipment from Peshawar, unless one is an unabashed fan of relic AK-47s, goat meat, or dust. 19%
During the long nights of interrogations, the rousing from sleep which I might have called “torture” before I felt I deserved it, this part of the story would dribble out of me, over and over, the same moment lodged in my conscience like a misspent arrow. 13%
I hoped Abdul wouldn’t take it personally, but no one wants to share a cell with a sweaty Sudanese man in a stained tunic who smells alarmingly of goat and would take capital-A advantage of me, given half a chance. 12%
I mostly got ethnic parts because of my looks: dark hair, olive skin, eyebrows with actual depth – though I personally felt about as Palestinian as Yitzhak Rabin. 10%
I could no more imagine myself spying in Her Majesty’s Secret Service than I could drinking Tang in the space station: I’m ordinary 8%
By the time we left the pub, El Moro was Miguel’s new nickname, because of his looks and his comic-book indestructibility, and because, hell, we had to call him something. 8%