Gene Culver takes the reins of the post today, to lambaste Limbaugh and his ilk. And to propose a creative solution: how about just one week of silence from these fountains of lies?

The author, pensive in his Pashto hat

With no further ado, Dad’s brief but potent post:

Would anyone care to speculate the amount of discord generated by the talk show hosts? Slander and ridicule of opponents are the preferred formula for radio and TV ratings. Imagine, if you will, what we might learn about our attitudes and relationships if the voices and messages of these biased personalities were silenced for a week.

No vitriol, political exaggeration and no hatred of those on the other side.

The revelations might expose truths we would prefer to deny rather than admit. 

How many would discover they were ‘addicted’ and suffer withdrawals for not being able to get a daily ‘fix’?

Having friendly discussions between those of  opposite political views could replace verbal acrimony. Seems the desire to ‘prepare for battle’ might be lessened considerably. And wouldn’t the notion of joining hands to solve problems we all face be better than using that time to win frivolous arguments? Why not have more cordial conversations; and avoid those that provoke a fear of offending someone?

Then, after the first week of abstinence, how about a repeat?

The author and his kiddlies

I can’t help but wonder if the folks who listen to this, deprived of the hateful slurry, would stumble awake – like the wizards and witches under Imperius curses after Voldemort died – and come to regret their involvement. I’ve also been wondering, what are the QAnon followers doing now that Q has gone silent? And obviously if our own Orange Voldemort has less voice in the coming months and years, will they drop their allegiance since he’s now officially a big fat loser?

The idea of having peace from all their insanity at the end of the year, at the end of this year, really thrills and delights. All these nutty politicos and pundits with their extreme positions – just… quiet. No editorial pages for the same period. Let’s get past opinion, of whatever stripe, just for a break. If anyone can offer suggestions on how to do it, I’m all ears.

And on a more positive note, I’ve added new photos and an update to Monday’s Christmas post – if anyone would like to see it, just click here. I’ll be sure to update further when we have Ramon’s PCR test results!